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Product Leader & International Entrepreneur

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Technology leader who has won awards for managing both people and products with a customer-first design philosophy and technical background.

Tanu Chellam at HBS

In 2012, a friend and I were crossing the road, when a truck crashed into us. It took me almost 9 months to learn how to walk again and changed my life forever.

So every day, I wake up wanting to make a difference. To me, meaning comes from giving back to society in a sustainable way while being able to provide for myself and my family. Through growing or rebuilding products and my entrepreneurial experiences in the past 15+ years globally, my passion lies in helping for-profit startups innovate towards driving meaningful change. I have held managerial and leadership roles internationally, working across a range of corporate and startup environments.

At Seldon, I lead the product management team, comprising product, design and developer relations, where I enable the company to innovate towards ethical change with a profitable business model.

I also previously co-founded and currently head the board of directors for a technology venture builder consultancy, Rosetta Digital, providing product management, engineering, design, marketing and strategy services globally.

Check out my portfolio for more information about my past work.


An overview of my career.

  • 2021 — Present

    VP Product

    HQ London | Global Impact
    Responsible for product management, design, developer relations and product marketing at the machine-learning scale-up.
    • Chair of Board of Directors, Atlas Rosetta & Rosetta Digital
    • Advisor, Harvard Business Review
    • Business Mentor, IoT Tribe Accelerator
    • ANHW SF and UK Leadership Team, HBS Alumni
    • Mentor, MentorCruise

  • 2020 — 2021

    Managing Director

    HQ Bristol | Global Impact
    Co-founded a tech venture builder consultancy.
    • Advisor, Harvard Business Review
    • Business Mentor, IoT Tribe Accelerator
    • ANHW SF and UK Leadership Team, HBS Alumni
    • Co-Founder, Safeguard Scholar
    • Co-Founder, OSEAN - Overseas South East Asian Network
    • Founders' Network, TechNation

  • 2017 — 2020

    Senior Product Line Manager

    HQ San Francisco | Global Impact
    Headed product delivery to ease discoverability and reduce time to launch products for all customers.
    • YWCA Silicon Valley Tribute to Women Award 2019
    • SAP Team Innovation Award 2020
    • ANHW SF and UK Leadership Team, HBS Alumni
    • ADSK Partnership Manager, Women in Product
    • Professional Mentor, TechWomen
    • Volunteer Regional Events Organiser, CMU Alumni
    • Advisor, DSO

  • 2014 — 2017

    Product Line Manager

    HQ Silicon Valley | Global Impact
    Ran product across content security, analytics and cloud microservices by boosting email security.
    • Advisor, DSO
    • Volunteer Regional Events Organiser, CMU Alumni

  • 2013 — 2014

    Product & Business Strategy Manager

    Based in New York | Americas Impact
    Managed a team spearheading digital transformation to reduce inefficiencies in Operations IT globally.
    • Engagement Lead, DSO
    • Volunteer Regional Events Organiser, CMU Alumni

  • 2011 — 2019


    HQ Washington DC | Global Impact
    Built a tech, marketing and business strategy non-profit international development consultancy.

  • 2005 — 2011

    Founder, Website Design Firm

    HQ Singapore | Asian Impact
    Pioneered building websites to meet a budding demand for Singaporean small businesses to have simple e-commerce marketplaces.


Here are examples of some of my past public work.

Autodesk desktop app

Autodesk desktop app

Product Delivery

Barracuda Reporting Server

Barracuda Reporting Server


Barracuda Essentials for Email Security

Barracuda Essentials

Email Security

MindMapper: A Side Project

MindMapper: A Side Project

Personal Project

Credit Suisse IT Initiatives

Operations IT Transformation

DSO Tech Hub

Development Solutions Organization

Tech Hub Development

My Travels

I love traveling. Tracking where I've been is a hobby, and worth many stories.

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